Hemophilia B cure by gene therapy


Hemophilia B gene therapy pipeline
Company Project Mechanism Notes Trial details
Baxalta (Shire) BAX 335 AAV8-Padua FIX Phase III to start 2016 NCT01687608
UniQure/Chiesi AMT-060 AAV5-wild-type FIX Low-dose phase I/II data presented at EHA; high-dose data H2 2016 NCT02396342
Spark/Pfizer SPK-9001 Bio-engineered AAV-Padua FIX Low-dose phase I/II data presented at EHA NCT02484092
Dimension Therapeutics/ Regenxbio DTX101 AAVrh10-wild-type FIX Initial phase I/II data due H2 2016 NCT02618915
Sangamo Biosciences SB-FIX In vivo protein replacement using zinc finger nucleases Phase I trial started in 2016 NCT02695160
Freeline Therapeutics hemophilia B Gene Therapy Self-complementary AAV8 FIX Claims to have been studied in human trials Unknown

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