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FierceBiotech’s hotlist of 15 for 2017

FierceBiotech’s hotlist of 15 for 2017

  • Axial Biotherapeutics
  • Aravive Biologics
  • BlackThorn Therapeutics
  • Gritstone Oncology
  • Magenta Therapeutics
  • PMV Pharma
  • PsiOxus Therapeutics
  • Relay Therapeutics
  • Repare Therapeutics
  • Rubius Therapeutics
  • Tango Therapeutics
  • Turnstone Biologics
  • Vir Biotechnology
  • Vivet Therapeutics
  • Vividion Therapeutic
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Gene Therapy for Osteoarthritis cure.

South Korea OKs First-in-Class Gene Therapy for Osteoarthritis

South Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety said today that it has approved the country’s first gene therapy for osteoarthritis, the lead product candidate of a Maryland-based regenerative medicine company.

Invossa-K Inj. was developed by Maryland-based TissueGene, whose Korean licensee, Kolon Life Sciences, won approval for the injectable treatment. According to the company, Invossa is a first-in-class cell-mediated gene therapy designed to treat moderate (Kellgren and Lawrence grade 3) knee osteoarthritis through regeneration of cartilage.

Invossa uses allogeneic human cartilage cells

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Gene Therapy and regenerative medicine companies.



Tim Miller, Ph.D., President & CEO
Dallas, TX
PlasmaTech Biopharmaceuticals/Abeona Therapeutics is focused on developing and delivering gene therapy and plasma-based products for severe and life-threatening rare diseases. PlasmaTech’s lead program is a gene therapy for Sanfilippo syndrome (MPS IIIA and IIIB) in collaboration with patient advocate groups, researchers and clinicians. In addition, the company is pursuing two additional proprietary platforms, Salt Diafiltration (SDF™) Process and Polymer Hydrogel Technology (PHT™), and is active in the development and commercialization of human plasma-derived therapeutics, including its proprietary

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RNAi Technology companies

Acuity Pharmaceuticals (now OPKO Health)
Aegera Therapeutics
Agilent Technologies
Alcon (subsidiary of Novartis)
Allele Biotechnology
Altogen Labs
AmpliPhi Biosciences
Antisense Therapeutics
Aptose Biosciences
Arcturus Therapeutics
ArmaGen Technologies
Arrowhead Research
Ascletis Pharmaceuticals
Atugen AG (acquired by Silence Therapeutics)
Avecia OligoMedicines
Benitec Biopharma
Biogen Idec
Biomatik Corporation
Biomics Biotechnologies
Biomics Biotechnology
BioSpring GmbH
Blueberry Therapeutics
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Calando Pharmaceuticals (subsidiary of Arrowhead)
CRISPR Therapeutics
Cubist Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Merck)
Dainippon Sumitomo
Dharmacon RNAi Technologies (part … Read more

How to Sequence a Genome ?

Studying the human genome – the complete set of human genes – is a way of studying fundamental details about ourselves. The three billion letters of the human genome are written using the four-letter alphabet of DNA. The DNA is divided among 23 pairs of chromosomes that are found in each of the trillions of cells in our bodies. In 2003, The Human Genome Project produced a complete representative sequence of the human genome. Of course, people are not identical, and DNA sequences do differ subtly between individuals. Currently, a … Read more

What if mRNA could be a drug – Moderna Therapeutics

Modified messenger RNA (mRNA) Therapeutics™ can be encoded for virtually any known protein and designed to be taken up by the cells in specific tissues and organs. Our novel chemistry enables mRNA to elude the body’s innate immune response. Once delivered, like native mRNA in healthy individuals, mRNA Therapeutics™ act as cellular software directing ribosomes to express proteins or antibodies within targeted tissues – and have the power to catalyze the expression of hundreds to thousands of proteins for each mRNA molecule.

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